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Precautions and operation procedures for purchasing CNC Automatic Band Saw Machines



The CNC Automatic Band Saw Machine is used for sawing and processing of H-beam, channel steel and other similar profiles. It is equipped with CNC Auto-carriage to realize fixed-length processing of material.  It has various functions such as processing program and parameter information, real-time data display, etc.  It makes the processing process intelligent and automatic, and improves the sawing precision and work efficiency.


When we choose a band saw machine, we must choose a suitable machine according to our own needs.  Before use, be sure to study the use method carefully and master the correct operation process.  Next, this article will introduce in detail the purchase precautions of the CNC band saw machine.

    1、Choose a regular manufacturer and understand the company's scale, company strength, and technical qualifications.

    2、Visit the factory to understand the company's scale and strength.

    3、Observe the appearance of the band saw machine and whether the design of each component is reasonable. Check the smoothness of the material processed by the product.

    4、Buy according to your business needs.


In terms of CNC Band Saw Machine configuration:

1. Whether the band saw machine rotation configuration is required, and the rotation angle

2. Whether automatic feeding, chip removal system is required

3. The processing capacity of the band saw machine when it is rotated, the maximum material weight it can bear

4. Cutting rate of the band saw

5. The system function of the band saw machine itself


The above are the precautions for the purchase of CNC band saw machines introduced to you, I hope to be helpful to you. FINCM company is engaged in the production, manufacture and sales of iron towers, steel structures and other industrial machinery. If you have any needs, please email us.

Post time: Jul-25-2022