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Types of CNC Tube Sheet Drill Bits and Advantages of CNC Tube Sheet Drill



         With the continuous development of technology, CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machines, CNC High-Speed Drills, etc. have also continued to innovate and progress, playing an important role in the processing of parts in various industries.

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        CNC Tube Sheet Drills Machine is very popular because of their significant advantages. Next, let's take a look at the types of CNC tube sheet drill bits and the advantages of CNC tube sheet drills.

  一、Types of drill bits for CNC Tube Sheet Drill Bits

  The types of drill bits for CNC Tube Sheet Drills Machine include straight shank twist drill bits, fixed shank twist drill bits and fixed shank spade drill bits.

Straight shank twist drills are mostly used for single-head drilling machines to drill simpler printed boards or single panels. Now they are rarely seen in large circuit board production plants, and the drilling depth can reach 10 times the diameter of the drill bit.

At present, most manufacturers of CNC Drilling Machines use carbide fixed shank drills, which are characterized by automatic drill replacement.

二、Advantages of CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine
1. The gantry and frame part of the machine have super dynamic and static rigidity to ensure stable strength and precision of the machines.
2. The power head unit is strengthened in the weak link through finite element analysis to make the structure more reasonable.


The drilling coordinates can be directly converted from CAD/CAM, which is convenient for programming, storage, display and communication. The hole position of the Tuba Sheet can be input by keyboard or CAD graphics and the machining program can be automatically generated. With the function of pre-drilling holes position preview and re-inspection, it is easy to operate.

The above is the relevant content about the CNC Tube Sheet Drill Machine introduced for you. It is recommended that you must clarify the use method before using it, conduct operator training, and regularly maintain the tube sheet drill. I hope this article can be useful to you.

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