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PUL14 CNC U Channel and Flat Bar Punching Shearing Marking Machine

Product Application Introduction

It is mainly used for customers to manufacture flat bar and U channel steel material, and complete punching holes, cutting to length and marking on flat bar and U channel steel. Simple operation and high production efficiency.

This machine mainly serves for power transmission tower manufacture and steel structure fabrication.

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Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Working material range 80x43x5140x60x8mmU Channel
40x3-80x8mmFlat bar
Material type Q235
Punching nominal force 950KN
Maximum punching diameter φ26mmRound hole
φ22x60mmOval hole
Number of punching positions 3
Marking nominal force 630 KN
Number of marking groups 4
Number of marking per group 10
Character size 14x10x19mm
Nominal shear force 750KNstrip steel
1000KNChannel -steel
Cut off mode Single blade shearing
Maximum raw material length 9m
Maximum finished material length 3m
Machining accuracy Meet the requirements of GB / T 2694-2010
Cooling mode water cooling
Total power of equipment 33KW
Machine dimensions 27x9x2.2m
Net weight About 14tons

Details and advantages

1. The main machine consists of marking unit, punching unit and shearing unit
① The marking unit adopts a closed body. With four interchangeable characters cassette, each cassette can accommodate 10 characters; Channel steel material can only be marked on the web.

② The punching unit adopts a closed body, which can punch three holes with different diameters (round hole and oval hole) on the material.

③ The shearing unit consists of two shearing device: flat bar shearing and channel shearing. Single blade cutting mechanism is adopted to ensure neat cutting section, convenient adjustment of cutting gap and material saving.

PUL14 CNC U Channel and Flat Bar Punching Shearing Marking Machine

2. The material is clamped by pneumatic clamp and moves quickly for positioning. The material is driven by servo motor and driven by gear rack, with high positioning accuracy.

3. The cross transverse conveyor is composed of four chains with shifting blocks and frame body, and the chain is driven by motor through reducer.

4. The output conveyor is composed of conveyor and cylinder. After the finished material comes out of the main machine part, it is rotated and sent out of the production line.

PUL14 CNC U Channel and Flat Bar Punching Shearing Marking Machine3

5.  The machine has three CNC axes: the movement and positioning of the feeding trolley and the up & down movement and positioning of the punching tools.

6.  The computer programming is easy, and can display the material graphics and the coordinate size of the hole position, which is convenient for inspection. The upper computer management is adopted, which greatly facilitates the storage and call of the program; Graphic display; Fault diagnosis and remote communication.

7. Cooling mode of hydraulic power pack: water cooling or air cooling (optional).

PUL14 CNC U Channel and Flat Bar Punching Shearing Marking Machine2

Key outsourced components list

NO Name Brand Country
1 AC servo motor Delta/Schneider Taiwan, China / France
2 PLC Yokogawa/ Schneider Japan / France
3 Input module Yokogawa/ Schneider Japan / France
4 output module Yokogawa/ Schneider Japan / France
5 Positioning module Yokogawa/ Schneider Japan / France
6 Contactor Siemens Germany
7 Motor switch Siemens Germany
8 Supporting chain Kabel Germany
9 Electromagnetic unloading valve ATOS Italy
10 Relief valve ATOS Italy
11 Electro hydraulic directional valve JUSTMARK Taiwan, China
12 Drag Plate AirTAC Taiwan, China
13 Air valve AirTAC Taiwan, China
14 Cylinder SMC Japan
15 Duplex SMC Japan

Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter.

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