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CNC Hudraulic Punching and Drilling Machine

Product Application Introduction

Mainly used for steel structure, tower manufacture, and construction industry.

Its’ main function is punching, drilling and tapping screws on steel plates or flat bars.

High machining accuracy, work efficiency and automation, especially suitable for versatile processing production.

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Product Detail

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Product Parameters

NO. Item Parameter
PP(D)103B PP123 PPHD123 PP153 PPHD153
1 Max. punching force 1000KN 1200KN 1500KN
2 Max. size of plate 775*1500mm 800*1500mm 775*1500mm 800*1500mm
3 Thickness of plate 5-25mm
4 Max. punching diameter φ25.5mm
(16Mn, 20mm thickness, Q235, 25mm thickness)
5 Number of die station 3
6 Min. distance between hole and plate edge 25mm 30mm
7 Max. marking force 800kN 1000KN 800KN 1200KN
8 Number and Dimension of character 10 (14*10mm) 16(14*10mm) 10 (14×10mm)
9 Drilling diameter
(high-speed steel twist drill)
(With drilling function)
φ16 ~ φ50mm(PPD103B)   φ16 ~ φ40mm   φ16 ~ φ40mm
10 Rotation speed of drilling spindle(With drilling function) 120-560r/min(PPD103B))   3000r/min   120-560r/min
11 Motor power of hydraulic pump 15KW 22KW 15KW 45KW
12 The servo motor power of X and Y axes(axes ) 2*2kw
13 The compressed air force ×discharging quantity 0.5MPa×0.1m3/min
14 Overall dimension 3100*2988*2720mm   3.6*3.2*2.3m 3.65*2.7*2.35mm 3.62*3.72*2.4m
15 Net weight About 6500KG   About8200KG About 9500KG About12000KG

Details and advantages

1. With three die positions, three sets of dies can be installed to punch holes of three different diameters on the plate or only two sets of dies and one character box can be installed to punch holes of two different diameters and mar k characters.

CNC Hudraulic Punching and Drilling Machine4

Punching die

Hydraulic clamping

2. The bed of heavy-type machine tool adopts high-quality steel plate welding structure. After welding, the surface is painted, So the surface quality and antirust ability of steel plate are improved.  

CNC Hudraulic Punching and Drilling Machine5

3. The machine has two CNC axes: x-axis is the left and right movement of the clamp, Y-axis is the front and back movement of the clamp, and the high rigid CNC workbench ensures the reliability and accuracy of feeding.
4. The machine tool is lubricated by the combination of centralized lubrication and decentralized lubrication, so that the machine tool is in good working condition every time.

CNC Hudraulic Punching and Drilling Machine6

5. The NC Worktable of moving plate is directly fixed on the foundation, and the worktable is equipped with a universal conveying ball, which has the advantages of small resistance, low noise and easy maintenance.

CNC Hudraulic Punching and Drilling Machine7

6. The plate is clamped by two powerful hydraulic clamps, and it can be moved and positioned quickly.
7. The computer adopts English interface, which is easy for general operators to master. It is easy to program.

Key Outsourced Components List

NO. Name Brand Country
1 Linear guide rail HIWIN/PMI Taiwan(China)
2 Oil pump Albert USA
3 Electromagnetic relief valve Atos Italy
4 Electromagnetic unloading valve Atos Italy
5 Solenoid valve Atos Italy
6 One way throttle valve Atos Italy
7 P-port throttle valve JUSTMARK Taiwan(China)
8 P port check valve JUSTMARK Taiwan(China)
9 Hydraulic control check valve JUSTMARK Taiwan(China)
10 Drag chain JFLO China
11 Air valve CKD/SMC Japan
12 Confluence CKD/SMC Japan
13 Cylinder CKD/SMC Japan
14 FRL CKD/SMC Japan
15 AC servo motor Panasonics Japan
16 PLC Mitsubishi Japan

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