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PLD2016 CNC Drilling Machine for Steel Plates

Product Application Introduction

This machine purpose is mainly used for drilling plate in steel structures such as construction, coaxial, iron tower, etc., and can also be used for drilling tube plates, baffles and circular flanges in boilers, petrochemical industries.

This machine purpose can be used for continuous mass production, as well as small batch production of multiple varieties, and can store a large number of programs.

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Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Item Name Value
Size of plate Thickness of plate Max 100mm
Width*Length 2000mm×1600mm (One piece)
1600mm*1000mm (Two pieces)
1000mm×800mm (Four pieces)
Drilling spindle Quick-change drill chuck Morse 3,4
Diameter of drilling head Φ12mm-Φ50mm
The mode of speed adjustment Transducer stepless speed adjustment
RPM 120-560r/min
Stroke 180mm
Hydraulic clamping Thickness of clamping 15-100mm
Quantity of clamping cylinder 12 pieces
Clamping force 7.5kN
Cooling fluid Mode Forcing cycle
Motor Spindle 5.5kW
Hydraulic pump 2.2kW
Chip removal motor 0.75kW
Cooling pump 0.25kW
Servo system of X axis 1.5kW
Servo system of Y axis 1.0kW
Overall dimensions L*W*H About 5183*2705*2856mm
Weight(KG) Main machine About 4500kg
Scrap Removal Device About 800kg
Travel X Axis 2000mm
Y Axis 1600mm

Details and advantages

1. The machine is mainly composed of bed (worktable),gantry, drilling head, longitudinal slide platform, hydraulic system, Electric control system, centralized lubrication system, cooling chip removal system, quick change chuck etc.
2. The gantry moves while the bed is fixed. Plates are clamped by the hydraulic clamps which can easily controlled by foot-switch, small plate can clamped four groups together on the corners of worktable so as to reduce the preparation period of production and improve the efficiency significantly.

PLD2016 CNC Drilling Machine for Steel Plates3

3. The machine including two CNC axes, each of all is guided by high precision linear rolling guide, drive by AC servo motor and ball-screw.
4. The machine purpose adopts hydraulic automatic control stroke drilling power head, which is our company's patented technology, no need to set any parameters before use.
5. The machine purpose adopts hydraulic automatic control stroke drilling power head, which is our company's patented technology. There is no need to set any parameters before use. Through the combined action of electro-hydraulic, it can automatically carry out the conversion of fast forward-work forward-fast backward, and the operation is simple and reliable.

PLD2016 CNC Drilling Machine for Steel Plates4

6. This machine purpose adopts a centralized lubrication system instead of manual operation to ensure that the functional parts are well lubricated, improve the performance of the machine tool, and extend its service life.
7. The two methods of internal cooling and external cooling ensure the effect of cooling the drill head. The chips can be dumped into the dumpcart automatically.
The control system adopts the upper computer programming software which is independently developed by our company and matched with the programmable controller, which has a high degree of automation.

Key outsourced components list






Linear guide rail


Taiwan (China)


Hydraulic pump

Just Mark

Taiwan (China)


Electromagnetic valve




Servo motor




Servo driver











Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter.

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