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PLM Series CNC Gantry mobile drilling machine

Product Application Introduction

This equipment is mainly used in boilers, heat exchange pressure vessels, wind power flanges, bearing processing and other industries.

This machine has a gantry mobile CNC drilling which can drill hole up to φ60mm.

The machine’s main function is drilling holes, grooving, chamfering and light milling of tube sheet and flange parts.

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Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Item Name parameter
PLM3030-2 PLM4040-2 PLM5050A-2 PLM6060-2
Maximum machining material size Length x width 3000*3000 mm 4000×4000 mm 5000×5000 mm 5000×5000 mm
Maximum processed plate thickness 250 mm, Scalable to 380mm
Work table Workbench Size 3500×3000 mm 4500×4000 mm 5500×4000 mm 5500×4000 mm
T-groove width 28 mm
Load-bearing 3tons/
Drilling Spindle Maximum drilling hole diameter φ60 mm
Maximum ratio of Tool Length vs. Hole Diameter ≤10Crown carbide drill
Spindle RPM 30-3000 r/min
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle motor power 2×22kW
Maximum spindle torque n≤750r/min 280Nm
Distance from lower end face of spindle to worktable 280—780 mm
Adjust according to material thickness
Gantry longitudinal movement (x-axis) Maximum stroke 3000 mm 4000 mm 5000 mm
X-axis moving speed 0—8m/min
X-axis servo motor power 2×2.7kW
Positioning accuracy X-axisY-axis 0.06mm/
whole stroke
whole stroke
whole stroke
Repeat positioning accuracy X-axisY-axis 0.035mm/
whole stroke
whole stroke
whole stroke
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump pressure / flow 15MPa /25L/min
Hydraulic pump motor power 3.0 kW
Pneumatic system Air supply pressure 0.5 Mpa
Chip removal and cooling Chip conveyor type Flat chain
Number of chip conveyor 2
Chip removal speed 1m/min
Chip conveyor motor power 2×0.75kW
Cooling mode Internal cooling + external cooling
Maximum pressure 2MPa
Maximum flow 2×50L/min
Electrical system CNC Siemens 828D
CNC axis Number 6
Total motor power About75kW
Overall dimensions of machine tool Length× Wide × High About
About 99m×3m About 1010m×3m About 1010m×3m
Total weight of machine tool   About 32t About 40t About 48t

Details and advantages

1. This machine is mainly composed of bed and column, beam and horizontal sliding table, vertical ram type drilling power box, worktable, chip conveyor, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, cooling system, centralized lubrication system, electrical system, etc. 

PEM Series Gantry mobile CNC mobile plane drilling machine5

2. High-rigidity bearing base, the bearing adopts high-precision screw special bearing. The extra-long mounting base surface ensures axial rigidity. The bearing is pre-tightened by a lock nut, and the lead screw is pre-tensioned. The stretching amount is determined according to the thermal deformation and elongation of the lead screw to ensure that the positioning accuracy of the lead screw does not change after the temperature rises. 

PHM Series Gantry Movable CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Drilling and milling power head

3. The vertical (Z-axis) movement of the power head is guided by a pair of linear roller guides arranged on the ram, with good guide precision, high vibration resistance and low friction coefficient. The ball screw drive is driven by a servo motor through a precision planetary reducer, which has a high feed force. 

PEM Series Gantry mobile CNC mobile plane drilling machine6

4. This machine adopts two flat chain chip conveyors on both sides of the worktable. Iron chips and coolant are collected in the chip conveyor, and the iron chips are transported to the chip conveyor, which is very convenient for chip removal; the coolant is recycled. 

PEM Series Gantry mobile CNC mobile plane drilling machine7

5. This machine provides two cooling methods—internal cooling and external cooling, which provide sufficient lubrication and cooling to the tool and material during chip cutting, which better guarantees the drilling quality. The cooling box is equipped with liquid level detection and alarm components, and the standard cooling pressure is 2MPa. 

PEM Series Gantry mobile CNC mobile plane drilling machine9

Precision spindle

6. The X-axis guide rails on both sides of the machine are equipped with stainless steel protective covers, and the Y-axis guide rails are equipped with flexible protective covers at both ends. 

PEM Series Gantry mobile CNC mobile plane drilling machine10

Chip conveyor 

Cooling device 

Automatic lubrication device

7. This machine is also equipped with a photoelectric edge finder to facilitate the positioning of circular plate. 

PHM Series Gantry Movable CNC Plate Drilling Machine1

Siemens CNC System

Key outsourced components list






Linear guide rail


Taiwan, China


CNC Control System




Servo motor and driver




Precision spindle


Taiwan, China


Hydraulic valve

YUKEN OR Justmark



Oil pump


Taiwan, China


Automatic lubrication system


USA or Japan


Buttons, indicator lights and other main electrical components


France /Germany

Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter. 

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