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S8F Frame Double Spindle CNC Drilling Machine

Product Application Introduction

The S8F frame double-spindle CNC machine is a special equipment for machining the balance suspension hole of the heavy truck frame. The machine is installed on the frame assembly line, which can meet the production cycle of the production line, is convenient to use, and can greatly improve production efficiency and processing quality.

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Product Parameters

Parameter name Unit Parameter value
Frame process parameters Material   Hot rolled steel 16MnL
Maximum tensile strength MPa 1000
Yield Strength MPa 700
Maximum drilling thickness mm 40Multi-layer board
Processing stroke axis mm 1600
Y axis mm 1200
Mobile side clamping axis mm 500
Xaxis mm 500
Drilling spindle quantity piece 2
Spindle taper   BT40
Drilling diameter range mm φ8~φ30
Minimum drilling distance of dual power heads at the same time mm 295
Feed stroke mm 450
Rotating speed r/min 50~2000Servo stepless
Feed rate mm /min 0~8300(Servo stepless)
Spindle servo motor power kW 2×7.5
Spindle rated torque Nm 150
Spindle torque Nm 200
Maximum spindle feed force N 7500
Tool magazine QTY piece 2
Handle form   BT40(With ordinary taper shank twist drill)
Tool magazine capacity piece 2×4
CNC system Control method   Siemens 840D SL CNC system
Number of CNC axes piece 7+2
Servo motor power Xaxis kW 4.3
Y axis 2x3.1
Z axis 2x1.5
Xaxis 1.1
Xaxis 1.1
Hydraulic system System working pressure MPa 2~7
cooling system Cooling method   Aerosol cooling method

Details and advantages

1. The main machine mainly includes a bed, a moving gantry, a drilling power head (2) (for high-speed steel twist drill drilling), a tool change mechanism (2), a positioning, clamping and detection mechanism, and a feeding trolley (2 A), advanced cooling system, hydraulic system, CNC system, protective cover and other parts.

S8F Frame Double Spindle CNC Drilling Machine3

2. The machine adopts the form of fixed bed and movable gantry.
3. The horizontal Y axis and vertical Z axis of the two drilling power heads move independently. The Y axis movement of each power head is driven by a separate screw pair, which can cross the center line of the material; each CNC axis is guided by a linear rolling guide. AC servo motor + ball screw drive. The power head has an anti-collision design to prevent the power head from colliding during automatic operation.
4. The drilling power head adopts imported precision spindle for machining center; equipped with BT40 taper hole, it is convenient to change the tool and can be clamped various drills; the spindle is driven by servo spindle motor, which can meet the requirements of various speeds and tool changing functions.
5. In order to meet the processing of different apertures, the machine is equipped with in-line tool magazines (2), and two power heads can realize automatic tool change.
6. The machine has an independent automatic detection device, which can automatically detect the width of the material and feed it back to the CNC system.
7. Each side of the machine bed is equipped with a set of laser alignment for rough positioning of the frame.
9. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system, which is mainly used for material positioning and clamping.
10. The machine is equipped with an aerosol cooling system for drilling and cooling of material.
11. The machine gantry beam is equipped with an organ type protective cover, and the bed rail is equipped with a telescopic steel plate type protective cover.
12. The machine adopts Siemens 840D SL numerical control system, which can realize CAD automatic programming and has the function of layer recognition. The system can automatically determine the working distance according to the tool length (manual input) and the height of the frame, generally 5mm, and its value can be set according to requirements.
13. The machine is equipped with a linear bar code (one-dimensional bar code, CODE-128 coding standard) scanning system, which automatically calls the processing program by scanning the linear bar code of the frame with a handheld wireless scanner.
14. The machine has the counting function of automatically accumulating the number of drilling holes and the number of processed material, and cannot be cleared; in addition, it has a production counting function, which can record the number of material processed by each processing program, and can be queried and cleared.

Key outsourced components list






Linear Guides


Taiwan, China


Precision spindle


Taiwan, China


Linear barcode scanning system




CNC system

Siemens 840D SL



Servo motor




Spindle servo motor




Main hydraulic parts




Drag chain




Low-voltage electrical components







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