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BHD Series CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine for Beams

Product Application Introduction

This machine is mainly used for drilling H-beam, U channel,I beam and other beam profiles.

The positioning and feeding of the three drilling headstock are all driven by servo motor, PLC system control, CNC trolley feeding.

It has high efficiency and high precision. It can be widely used in construction, bridge structure and other steel fabrication industries.

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Product Detail

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Product Parameters

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BHD500A-3 BHD700-3 BHD1005A-3 BHD1206A-3 BHD1207A-3
1 H-beam Web height 100-500mm 150~700mm 150-1000mm 150~1250mm 150~1250mm
2 Flange width 75~400mm 75~400mm 75-500mm 75~600mm 75~700mm
3 U-shaped Web height 100-500mm 150-700mm   150~1250mm 150~1250mm
4 Flange width 75~200mm 75~200mm   75~300mm 75~350mm
5 Beam length 1500 ~12000mm 1500 ~12000mm   1500 ~15000mm  
6 Maximum thickness of beam 20mm 80mm 60mm 75mm 80mm
7 Drilling spindle Quantity 3 3 3 3 3
8 Maximum drilling hole diameter Carbide:φ 30mm High speed steel:φ 35mm
Left and right units: φ 30mm
Carbide:ф 30mm
High speed steel:ф 40mm
Carbide: ∅ 30mm
High speed steel: ∅ 40mm

Carbide: ∅30mm

High-speed steel: ∅40mm 

9 Spindle taper hole   BT40 BT40 BT40 BT40
10 Spindle motor power Left,Right: 7.5KWUp: 11KW 3×11KW 3×11KW 3*11KW Left,Right: 15KWUp: 18.5KW
11 Tool magazine Quantity 3 3 3 3 3
12 Number of tool positions 3×4 3×4 3×4 3×4 3×4
13 CNC axis Quantity 7 7+3 7 6 7
14 Servo motor power of fixed side, moving side and middle side feed spindle 3×2kW 3×3.5kW 3×2KW 3×2kW 3×2kW
15 Fixed side, moving side, middle side, moving side positioning axis servo motor power 3×1.5kW 3×1.5kW 3×1.5KW 3×1.5kW 3×1.5kW
16 Up and down movement distance of fixed side and mobile side 20-380mm 30~370mm      
17 Left and right horizontal distance of middle side 30-470mm 40~760 mm   40~760 mm  
18 Width detection stroke 400mm 650mm 900mm 1100mm 1100mm
19 Web detection stroke 190mm 290mm 290mm 290mm 340mm
20 Feeding trolley Power of servo motor of feeding trolley 5kW 5kW 5kW 5kW 5kW
21 Maximum feeding weight 2.5Tons 10 Tons 8Tons 10 Tons 10 Tons
22 Up and down (vertical) stroke of clamping arm   520mm      
23 Cooling mode Internal cooling + external cooling Internal cooling + external cooling Internal cooling + external cooling Internal cooling + external cooling Internal cooling + external cooling
24 Electrical system control PLC PLC PLC PLC PLC
25 Overall dimension of main machine (L x W x H)     About 5.6×1.6×3.3m About 6.0×1.6×3.4 m  
26 Main machine weight   About 7500kg About 7000Kg About 8000kg  

Details and advantages

1. The drilling machine is mainly composed of bed, CNC sliding table (3), drilling spindle (3), clamping device, detection device, cooling system, scrap iron box, etc.
2. There are three CNC sliding tables, which are fixed side CNC sliding table, mobile side CNC sliding table and middle CNC sliding table. The three sliding tables are composed of sliding plate, sliding table and servo drive system. There are six CNC axis on the three sliding tables, including three feed CNC axes and three positioning CNC axes. Each CNC axis is guided by precision linear rolling guide and driven by AC servo motor and ball screw, which ensures its positioning accuracy.

BHD  Series CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine for Beams5

3. There are three spindle boxes, which are respectively installed on three CNC sliding tables for horizontal and vertical drilling. Each spindle box can be drilled separately or at the same time.
4. The spindle adopts precision spindle with high rotation precision and good rigidity. Machine with BT40 taper hole, it is convenient for tool changing, and can be used to clamp twist drill and carbide drill.

BHD  Series CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine for Beams6

5. The beam is fixed by hydraulic clamping. There are five hydraulic cylinders for horizontal clamping and vertical clamping respectively. The horizontal clamping is composed of fixed side reference and moving side clamping.
6. In order to meet the processing of multiple hole diameters, the machine is equipped with three in-line tool magazine, each unit is equipped with a tool magazine, and each tool magazine is equipped with four tool positions.

BHD  Series CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine for Beams7

7. The machine is equipped with beam width detection and web height detection device, which can effectively compensate the deformation of the beam and ensure the machining accuracy; The two kinds of detection devices adopt the wire encoder, which is convenient to install and reliable to work.
8. The machine adopts the trolley feeding, and the CNC clamp feeding mechanism is composed of servo motor, gear, rack, detection encoder, etc.
9. Each spindle box equipped with its own external cooling nozzle and internal cooling joint, which can be selected according to the needs of drilling. Internal cooling and external cooling can be used separately or at the same time.

Key outsourced components list








Taiwan, China


Linear rolling guide pair


Taiwan, China


Hydraulic pump


Taiwan, China


Electromagnetic hydraulic valve


Italy / Japan


servo motor


Germany / Japan


Servo driver


Germany / Japan


Programmable controller


Germany / Japan







Siemens / Mitsubishi

Germany / Japan

Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter.

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