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BD200E CNC Drilling Machine for Beams

Product Application Introduction

Generally used for steel crane beam, H-beam, angle steel and other horizontal drilling components.

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Product Parameters

Item name Parameter
  BD150C-3 BD200E-3
Dimension of material  H Beam Maximum length of H beam 2100mm 1600mm
Maximum size of H beam (width × height) 1500*1500mm 1000*2000mm
Minimum section size of H beam (width × height) 500*500mm 400*1000mm
Working table (Fixed) Height of worktable from the ground 900mm  
Width of T-slot on worktable 28mm  
Gantry longitudinal movement (X-axis) X-axis stroke 21m 16m
X-axis servo motor power 2×3.0kW
Lateral movement of power head on gantry beam (V-axis) V-axis stroke 1500mm 1980mm
V-axis servo motor power 1.5KW
Vertical movement of power head on double column of gantry (U-axis, W-axis) U-axis, W-axis stroke 1500mm 980mm
U-axis, W-axis servo motor power 2×1.5kW
Table type drilling (sliding head) Quantity 3
Maximum hole drilling diameter 1250
Spindle RPM (frequency conversion 30-100Hz) 120400r/min 120-560r/min
Morse taper of spindle 4 8
Spindle motor power 3×7.5kW
Axial stroke (1 axis, 3 axis) 600mm 780mm
Axial stroke (2-axis) 700mm 580mm
1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis drive mode AC servo motor, ball screw drive
1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis feed rate 04000mm/min  
1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis servo motor power 3×1.5kW
Motor power of hydraulic pump 34kW  
Chip removal and cooling Chip conveyor type Flat chain
Chip removal speed 1m/min
Chip conveyor motor power 2x0.75KW
Cooling pump motor power 0.45KW
Electrical system Numerical control system PLC
Number 8
Total power of machine tool About 47kw
Overall dimension
(L × W × H)
  About 26m × 4.5 m× 4.2m  
Weight   About 60tons  

Details and advantages

1. The machine is mainly composed of bed, gantry, headstock, electrical system, hydraulic system, cooling chip removal system, detection system, etc.
2. The machine adopts the structure of gantry moving and fixed worktable, which can reduce the bed length and save the floor area.

CNC Drilling Machine for Beams4

3. The gantry motion (x-axis) is driven by linear ball guide, AC servo motor and low backlash rack and pinion. Linear ball guide, AC servo motor and ball screw drive are used to guide the movement of gantry crossbeam and sliding plate on two vertical columns (U, V, W). The feed motion of each drilling head (Axis 1, 2 and 3) is guided by linear roller guide, driven by servo motor and ball screw.
4. The spindle adopts the CNC feed drilling power head produced by our company.

CNC Drilling Machine for Beams5

5. The bottom of the machine is equipped with a flat chain type chip remover, and the chip conveyor is equipped with a water pump and a cooling liquid filtration circulating device.

CNC Drilling Machine for Beams6

6. The hydraulic system is mainly used for X-axis positioning and locking and balancing of power heads on both sides.
7. The electrical system is controlled by PLC and equipped with upper computer. The material is input and stored by computer, so it is easy to operate.

Key outsourced components list






Linear ball guide pair


Taiwan, China






Servo motor and driver

Mitsubishi / Panasonic



Hydraulic valve




Oil pump


Taiwan, China


Button, indicator light




Drag chain



Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter.

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